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Pay Per Call Advertising by MediaCenter

Pay Per Call Advertising by MediaCenter

Most contractors care about only one thing:  is my phone ringing?  That is the basic premise for our pay per call solution:  it is based on performance and performance alone.

A pay per call program ensures that you only pay for phone calls from real, viable new potential customers.  There are no impressions, clicks or other metrics to bother with.  You don’t pay regardless of how many customers you get like so many other forms of advertising where you pay before you even see any results.

One significant benefit of pay per call advertising is that it is very easy to track your return on investment.  If you get 10 calls, four of which turn into paying customers who paid an average of $750 each, your ten calls resulted in $3000 worth of business.  If those 10 calls cost $300, then your return on investment is 10x or 1000%.

Our pay per call marketing program is the ideal solution for local service providers in the insulation vertical.  Any contractor that needs new customers to call in to schedule an appointment or get a quote will greatly benefit from this kind of advertising. (Editor’s Note:  As of 1/31/2017, our insulation vertical is no longer accepting new contractors.  We have sold out of every market in the U.S. that was available.  We are excited to add  the brick paving vertical to our offerings as of 2/1/2017.)

Our program is built to generate phone calls that are targeted and that will produce ready to act customers.  We don’t believe in paying for marketing that doesn’t produce results, and neither should you.  With our pay per call lead generation, you have the freedom to leave the program at any time – you are never locked into a contract.  Our mission is to deliver qualifed calls and provide you with a marketing solutin that will help you grow your business and not have to worry about where your next job will come from.