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Call Tracking  by MediaCenter

Call Tracking by MediaCenter

One of the key services provided in our pay per call lead generation program is our integrated Call Tracking service.  This service is included in the per-call fee for qualified lead calls.  No extras.  No add-ons.

Having this feature in your pay per call campaign allows you to track your calls, listen to call recordings, and determine a return on your investment in this program.

Each campaign we build for a contractor has its own dedicated phone number that we provide.  That number forwards directly into the phone you want to use to answer calls, whether it is your cell phone that you keep with you at all times, a receptionist phone at your office or an answering service that you may currently employ.  The calling customer does not know that your call is being forwarded; everything is as seamless as calling your number direct.

This custom phone number enables the back end of our system to do a few things.  First, we can record the date, time and duration of the phone call.  We can record the phone call if you wish.  (This is optional but there is no extra charge if you want to listen to calls you have received during the month for auditing or training purposes.)  Your client will hear a message that the phone call might be recorded, and you will get a whisper message (also optional, no extra charge).  A whisper message identifies that the incoming call is coming from MediaCenter before the call is picked up.  This message alerts you that you are receiving a lead so you can distinguish between calls that might be from telemarketers or wrong numbers you don’t want to answer.

To access your call recordings and data, we give you a private login to our back-end system.  You can check your calls 24/7 and check for any calls that may have been missed so you can get back to the lead right away.

We pledge to deliver qualified leads and we back it up with access to your data any time you want.   Sound like something that will work for your company?  Contact us to find out more!